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"Plans are nothing,

Planning is everything"

                                                                                             Dwight D. Eisenhower

With Key Retirement Solutions "Services", companies and plan sponsors can mitigate their liability  associated with their retirement plans. For the past 46 years Florida employers have engaged KRS’s team of trusted professionals to deliver state-of-the-art, quality retirement plan services and solutions.

Our Services Include:


  • 401(k) Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • 403(b) Plans
  • 457 Plans
  • Defined Benefit
  • 401(k) Rollovers Options 
  • Simple IRAs
  • Roth IRAs
  • Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) 
  • SEP Plans
  • Wealth Management Planning 
  • RFP Services


  • Plan Design Services 
    • Benchmark Plan Analysis
    • "Best in Class" Funds
    • Independent 3(38) Fiduciary
    • Reduce Plan Administrative burden
    • Mitigate Fiduciary Liability
  • Plan Participant Education & Communication

We keep a keen eye on trends, competitive positioning, and evolution in our industry to promote state-of- the-art retirement plan design and execution.

A streamlined and precise operational environment, we enable a smooth transition into our practice, a community of like-minded professionals, top-notch compliance support.

To help plan sponsors manage their obligations and provide broad-based benefits while helping plan participants and individual investors work toward their dreams.

Our corporate plan consulting team consists of a well-established group of seasoned advisors that deliver customized and strategically focused solutions for your company and its employees.


As an employer, you have a lot on your plate. Let us lighten the load. We’ll help you answer key questions such as: what kind of 401(k) should I offer? Is automatic enrollment right for us? We provide turnkey solutions for your organization so you can focus on what you do best.

Pension Plans 

We help you review your retirement goals, designing, developing and implementing turnkey retirement programs for both individuals and businesses. Taking a consultancy approach, we offer employee educational meetings to help employees with investing and retirement strategies. We provide top-notch initial and ongoing enrollment meetings as well as asset allocation strategy meetings and investment education seminars. If requested, Key Retirement Solutions will provide financial planning assistance to your plan participants in an effort to drive better participant outcomes.

IRAs/Rollover IRAs 

The IRA is a key component of today’s DIY retirement world and it’s never too early to start. We’ll help you determine how much you need to save to reach your retirement goals. Have a 401(k) that you need to cash out? Learn about your IRA rollover options that allow you to take full advantage of tax benefits.

Fiduciary Services 

The fiduciary relationship of a plan sponsor is not one most employers are prepared to undertake. At Key Retirement Solutions we can, through partnering with a 3(38), 3(21) or 3(16) fiduciary,  relieve you, the sponsor, of much of this liability.

Total Plan Management 

Key Retirement Solutions has developed a network of strategic relationships with firms that are uniquely qualified to manage your entire plan from design to investing.

Multiple Employer Plans 

Multiple Employer Plans insulate plan sponsor's fiduciary liability and helps mitigate the company's administrative responsibilities.  KRS's years of experience, expertise and knowledge of Multiple Employer Plans is unmatched in the industry.

Key Retirement Solutions is a team of investment advisors who work exclusively with retirement plans and their participants. Our financial wellness program is cutting-edge and will inspire your employees to achieve financial success.

KRS services retirement plans for many companies and experience has taught us what works and what doesn't. The process outlined below has proven to be effective for retirement clients, whether for-profit or non-profit, large or small.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Analysis of Existing Plans
  • Cost Savings Recommendations
  • Integrated Plan Development
  • Ongoing Participant & Plan Sponsor Services
  • Plan Design, Consulting and Investment Services
  • Communication and Education
  • Administration and Plan Management
  • Personal Services for Plan Participants